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Marina Moreno, Artemotion and the Venice Vending Machine are very proud to take a new step forward in our direction and be included as part of the “Seeding Art Currency” project curated by Janine Sykes in collaboration with East Street Arts at the Art Hostel in Leeds. The ethos and the driving concept of the Art Hostel perfectly merges with our own philosophy at Artemotion, that of artist led projects.


As you all know, I am an interdisciplinary artist whose ambition is to reach out and connect artists from different media and cultural backgrounds.  This is the eighth year of our VVM project, we began in Venice, three biennales; 2011 2015 and 2017, Hamburg, two Altonales; 2014 and 2016, one in Beijing, China in May of this year, and this is our second event held in the UK.


ARTEMOTION have chosen for this edition some of the best works offered by our members who also presented with us at our project July 31 through August 5  2018, during our Venice Vending  Machine  edition 7 with the Tate Exchange Liverpool.


We are ready for new encounters, ready for people that want to work collaboratively together and sincerely embrace our philosophy.


To all the artists that have been part of our ongoing work, those who have participated and acquired some of the pieces and given feedback to us, as well as to the artists offering their imagination and creations, Artemotion and I extend our sincere thanks for your support and involvement.


Thank you one and all,


Marina Moreno

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