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“I am an inter-disciplinary contemporary artist / producer based in Bristol England, and Venice, Italy. I work in music based video and film production, photography, theatre, installation.


As a sound artist I work reflexively from my soul, my daily experiences influence me rhythmically and melodies are plucked from conversations and movement. I allow my music to flow without inhibition or self-judgement as an echo to the noises that surround me.


In producing and mixing my music I endeavour to create sound-scapes that reflect depth and topography . Different parts of my compositions are colours, hues and shades, with a relief that masks one part then reveals another. As each colour represents different parts of the whole, so also do the interweaving melodies, rhythms, and cadences.


I am interested in producing innovative and experimental work. Improvisation is a fundamental tool in the process of producing work and is a vital part of my process.”


“I am a sound artist who trained as a musician since the age of five. All of my teachers beneficially informed me and raised my awareness of my identity as both creator of noise and as composer of music. I studied Classical Piano administered by Catholic nuns, Spanish Classical Guitar with Ben Caserta, who studied with Segovia, these giving me discipline. Charlie Cooley, who toured and played guitar with Duke Ellington, smoothed me out with jazz, swing and bebop during my early teens. Russ Faith who scored many successful films guided me on composition and harmony, all very fortunate encounters.”


I began my career in New York, toured throughout the Americas in the seventies and early eighties as an A/V engineer, and eventually settled in Europe in the late 1980’s.


I have worked across Europe, Asia and the USA in a variety of roles and projects throughout the 80’s, 90’s, and now in the new century. Collaboration with many artists from all ranges of art forms reflects the extensive nature of insight guiding me in my work and career.


Among the bodies that have commissioned projects or shown works having benefited from my participation and input:

South West Arts, Watershed, Electric Pavilion, Electric December, Arnolfini Live, Bristol City Council. Venice City Council, Maison de Radio France, FR3 (France), Canal+, WWF (World Wildlife Foundation), Galleria 3D Venice, University of West of England

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