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Production - Process - Collaboration


What does the word production mean to you?


Perhaps, through the ages it was more connected to the idea of "artisan/artist”.  Now, in our time and our space, what are the associations that come to mind?  In a post-modern world we are all connected and the concept of “ideas” and “product” are maybe not unique to one another, but are aligned and associated to other wellsprings of work and inspiration.


As artists we create, form, build and fashion using products that come from a series of skills we acquire or possess inherently, and the interventions of other people often unseen and unrecognised.  How can we promote the unseen in our art, how can we become collaborators with other skilled professionals?


For instance if you are a painter you use paint; do you often think who made this? In a more democratic art world we strive to achieve transparency and this is important. Often, an audience will see only the final product but in this call out we might want to show the raw process from the starting point of concept to the resultant end, the product.


What kind of productivity interests you?  Production of food, production of a book, production of a household object or even in a more conceptual way of thinking where do you place the word production?


Maybe the word production is immediately associated with the ideas of labour and economics: linked to the individual and differences in compensation of time/labour (through gender, classes and ethnicity).  Or is there an implication of global economics where some countries control, marshal and dictate the debts of others using production (raw product and labour)?


We are looking for your process within the production, as well as the product.  How, as an artist, do you arrive at the decision that a work should be produced, what drives that decision?  How does that production evolve, both through the thought processes, and in its physical manifestation(s)?


We invite you to express through your own work, your ideas, concerns and solutions taking note of the issues raised here. 


DEADLINE FOR DELIVERY of work MIDNIGHT 15th of July 2018

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