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There have been a few emails that have had similar enquiries, so I think we  will try immediately to answer a few with an initial response:



Is the deadline fixed?


The work needs to arrive in time for us to curate the entries, photograph the accepted works and construct the online catalogue.  This allows us 10 days before the opening of the show .

How much do people pay to get an artwork and what happens to the money collected?


No profits are made and this year in the spirit of the VVM project, art works are exchanged for a dialogue about the value of art in our society and on the spot commentary on the art work which will be archived and shared with the artist participants.  If a person would like to make an offer in a monetary sense, these are welcome.

All of the monies we have collected over the past have been used for the expense of building a website, advertisements, transport, along with the cost of web presence and web maintenance.  Our motive is to help artists get a chance to be seen by an audience that is visiting high value art shows.  We are also artists, and believe that the way to get ahead is through a collective effort, strength in numbers, and a dedication to making the world more inclusive. 

There is no price for any of the art work because I will be asking people the question, "How do you value art?" giving them the freedom to decide whilst always maintaining an open opportunity for anyone to be able to acquire something that they truly value,and the ability to then go on and encounter the artists.


Chance plays an important part: art work could be picked up by an interested collector or by a passer-by, or a child.

There will not be any left over work as I will make sure that the machine will become empty.

Looking forwards to having everyone on board.





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