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Venice Vending Machine - Edition 5


Exhibition @ Giardini Della Marinaressa (Seychelles Pavilion)

in the context of the

57th Venice Biennale

14th to 22nd of October 2017

“The Artist Within - Branching Out”


In response to the theme of the 57th Venice Biennale “VIVA ARTE”, in a unique collaboration with our VVM member from Canada, Margit Hideg, her project:  The Wisdom of Trees,, our theme this year is:  “The Artist Within – Branching Out”.


We have been invited by the GAA Foundation to exhibit at the Giardini della Marinaressa (hosting the Seychelles Pavilion), situated in close and strategic proximity to the Biennale sites of the Giardini and Arsenale.


In the words of the curator of this years’ Venice Biennale, Christine Macel:


Art is the most precious part of the human being. It is the ideal place for reflection, individual expression, freedom and fundamental questions. It is a “yes” to life, although sometimes a “but” lies behind. More than ever, the role, the voice and the responsibility of the artist are crucial in the framework of contemporary debates”.


Given this freedom of expression, art cannot be subordinated to a monetary value but thrives and grows because its intrinsic values. The VVM is ‘growing’ and expanding amongst the trees of the garden giving the seed and the space for artists to reflect on their stories, and their origins, revealing who they are and why they are artists, what this means to them.  Your work will embrace this notion and will initiate a dialogue with the audience on what is important to you as an artist.


The encounter is essential to the VVM.  Thus we will connect internationally in this beautiful Venetian garden.  As artists we will communicate, and just like the trees we will talk to each other, forming a community of international artists revealing through our work the roots of our being, what have inspired us to make choices, why we think art is important and disseminate our work freely in collaboration, offering it up to an international audience.


What is the true value of art?


Is it:


Spiritual - Political - Cause & Effect; Activism - A Space to Reflect - A Place to Exchange


The artist within is revealed, branching out internationally.



Unlike others years and in the spirit of this 57th Venice Biennale the acquisition of a work of art depends solely upon a dialogue instead of a monetary exchange focusing only in the intrinsic value of art.


The Venice Vending Machine Edition 5 will run from the 14th to the 22nd of October 2017 from 12.00 a.m. to 19 p.m.


@ the Giardini della Marinaressa (Seychelles Pavillion) Riva dei Sette Martiri Venice


Private view @ Palazzo Mora, Venice on the 14th October time TBC.

Art work, in any media, maximum dimension 9cm diagonally will be packaged with the artists’ name and contact details in a 100mm transparent plastic sphere. This can include; Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Photography, mini-Installation, Video in the form of memory stick & less than 3 minutes long. Musicians, Poets and Writers are also encouraged to collaborate with Visual Artists to present their works ensemble in a visual form.


The works will be placed in the Venice Vending Machine and will be available through random distribution ONLY by engaging in a conversation with the curator of the machine who will actively promote the artists.


The Venice Vending Machine project is a “collaborative, participatory, inclusive live art public installation”, conceived by Venetian artist Marina Moreno. Its aim is to question the role and the value of Art in our society, whilst aiming to promote emerging artists alongside some famous and established ones. It creates an intriguing game for the participants who feel compelled to enjoin and involve themselves in a dialogue that the artist Marina creates in posing the question:


“How Do You Value Art?”


Since the first Venice Vending Machine installation, it has involved over 250 artists from all over the world and has attracted professionals such as curators, art historians and art collectors while extending the possibility of an encounter with people that normally would not be interested in “Art”.


Artwork can be either original or a limited copy and must have been produced within the past three years.  ART-E-MOTION will transport & install the work, produce an online catalogue, market, promote & curate the participant artists.


There is no fee to participants, however donations are welcome as this is an artists’ self-funded project.


Tell us your stories, give us your views, offer your art.


Unlike in past VVM events, and in keeping with the spirit of this 57th Venice Biennale the acquisition of a work of art will depend uniquely on a dialogue about the notion of art in our society and culture with no monetary exchange, focusing only on the intrinsic value of art.


For further information:


contact: Marina Moreno: cell +44 (0)7453278283

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