Marina grew up in Venice and used to sneak into the Gardens and the exhibition halls of the Venice Biennale with her older brother where she would interact with the art world as a 5 year old child in a playful way…She never stopped loving art since.


Marina has worked within the arts sector for the past 25 years, as an Artist, Artistic Director, Educator, Facilitator, Producer, Curator.


She has a BA in Art and Dance from Brighton University and a Masters in Arts and Education from BCU.


She is committed to the development of contemporary art as an accessible and important language that promotes and communicates exchange, understanding and new and dynamic discourses in our society.


Her work is often collaborative and involving audience/public participation.  She is an interdisciplinary artist who works mainly with photography, film, installation, live art and dance.


Marina has exhibited nationally and internationally, most notably in the Arnolfini, Palazzo Prigioni (Taiwan Pavilion Venice Biennale), Watershed, Queen Elizabeth Hall South Bank Centre London, Bluecoat Gallery, Tate Liverpool.