Venice: Vending Machine: An Installation

Elysium Gallery & ART-E-MOTION

Venice: Vending Machine: An Installation
Deadline for work  02.09.2011

An Opportunity for artists from all over the world to create work that responds to the theme of the 54th Venice Biennale Illuminations (nation of lights)  and further to the global environment.

Elysium gallery and ART-E-MOTION will be working in collaboration and the Microclima artistic project, which is dedicated to the environment, at the Serra dei Giardini and with Laura Ostan, Galleria Perela. This dual sited installation will run from 14th Sept -8th Oct at the Serra and from 15th -30th Sept at Galleria Perela.

This installation: The Vending Machine celebrates the game of chance and the playfulness that is normally associated with children but is fundamental for artistic development.

This project offers prime opportunities for promoting  and marketing  individual artists in Venice and also increases the overall presence of Wales at the Biennale.

The artist will be credited whenever work is exhibited in public or an image of the work  is published by or for the gallery. The curated work will be catalogued with an image and artists name and contact details in a publication.

The work, in any media and which could include images on a memory stick, to be of  maximum dimension 9cm diagonally or diameter,  will be packaged in Venice with the artist’ name, work title, contact details and an email address for the recipient to respond to, in one of  220 luminate spheres, and placed in the vending machine.

The vending machines will be accompanied by information regarding the project and artists names & contact details. The machines are operated by inserting a token or “gettone”. Through random selection the recipient will acquire an original piece of artwork, a seed of creativity and opportunity.

Submission fee for handling, transport and marketing £10 . Payable by cheque to Elysium Art or through PayPal on

If you choose to pay by PayPal, please do so through the Simulacrum competition page. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Each Artist may produce up to 3 pieces of work in the one submission..Deadline for delivery is 2nd September 2011Hand in: elysium gallery, 31 Cradock St, Swansea SA1 3EP, Wales, United Kingdom (Wed-Fri 12pm-5pm) by 2nd Septemberor by post to: Vending Machine, 1 Keats Grove, Killay, Swansea, SA2 7BS. Work not chosen to be collected or returned to the artist. Please include a Stamped, Self Addressed Envelope/Pack

For further information contact:

Ann Jordan (Wales): 07743699861 Subject Venice

Marina Moreno (Italy): 07873927110 Subject Venice

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